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But Ferreira agreed Tuesday to plead guilty to attempted second-degree sexual assault with use of force and false imprisonment, both as a party to the crimes.He faces up to seven years in prison at his sentencing March 17, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.She also held the photo when she faced the judge to speak before the sentencing, as Ferreira sat with his head down a few feet away, wearing an orange jail jumpsuit. Jopek had been suspended from school on the day of her death because she was walking the halls without a pass.That afternoon, she went to a friend's house where several other teenagers were drinking.The man who spent the last moments with Carrie Ann has allegedly confessed.Tousignant says the investigator gave her a note the suspect wrote detailing what happened. Her and him went down the basement stairs and she tripped and snapped her neck. He thought she was unconscious, but realized she was dead -- and the next day he buried her," said Tousignant.

"He did have intercourse with her while she was dead," Jopek's mother, Carolyn Tousignant said.Carolyn Tousignant said Jopek was “a good kid, but just grew up too fast.”Ferreira was 17 when Jopek died.According to the criminal complaint, the story he gave to detectives was that Jopek and several other teens had skipped school to go to a house party.Carol Tousignant, left, holds a photo of her daughter Carrie Ann Jopek during a sentencing hearing for Jose Ferreira on Friday, March 17, 2017, in Milwaukee.Jopek went missing March 16, 1982 and her body was found the following year buried under a neighbor's porch.

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MILWAUKEE -- 50-year-old Jose Ferreira Jr., the man charged in the disappearance and death of a seventh-grade girl who went missing back in 1982, entered a plea of not guilty and waived his right to preliminary hearing Tuesday morning, October 27th. After being suspended from school, Carrie Ann Jopek never made it to her home a block away.