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Since they started dating (in fact, even before they officially announced that they were dating), magazines and internet-savvy Twi-hards have been talking up a storm about them. For your enjoyment, here is a timeline of rumored events in the couple’s life so far: August 2009: Rumors spread across the internet on August 19 that Robert Pattinson tragically died of a heroin overdose.

“There was a magazine, with these pictures, saying I was getting married,” Pattinson told Blackbook. Even my own mum called to ask me if it was true.” This is hardly the first time that rumors have spread about Pattinson and Stewart. Population: 1918-3,200; 1930-8.816; 1940-10,275; 1950-17,647; 1970-29,700; 1980-25,263; 1990-24,458.It was named for the Bogert family who settled and lived in the area.And we all remember the cheating scandal that and rocked her relationship with Robert Pattinson back in 2012.But disaster was on the horizon for at least two people in America, and there was no closer observer of their decline than future GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

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