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I'm also going to cover how pasta is manufactured, the nutritional facts of pasta and even how to eat spaghetti the "RIGHT" way. Making a fresh pasta recipe is something to be respected, worth waiting for and spending time with.

Take a fork and begin to beat the eggs and other ingredients right in the center of the well.

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Ultimately it is a combined effort of both human intelligence, creativity and evolution.

Marco Polo and the peasant woman had nothing to do with the invention pasta. Historians also say that spaghetti was not native to the Mediterranean but originated in Arabic countries and even Africa which is known for Kamut crops used to make kamut pasta and a pasta shape that originated in Africa that was renamed Fregola.

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If you're from the North of Italy you are more likely to have eggs in your basic pasta dough recipe and in the South it's semolina flour and water with a touch of salt.

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