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And There’s a lot to like in this sweet first film from newbie writer-director Oz Arshad.

For one big thing, Arshad makes his ridiculously low-budget film look far more expensive: I would never have guessed that Finding Fatimah was made for under half a million pounds. It’s sort of nice, I guess, to see the tropes of rom-coms applied to modern, sophisticated, urban Muslims who are pretty conservative: these characters cannot even hug, much less kiss or go to bed together, not even during the stereotypical bad-first-date and later the falling-in-love montage.

Also, many people on these apps may not want anything serious.

Thus, that can be problematic for a person who really wants to have a stable relationship that may eventually culminate with an engagement.

So, he decides that he will simply not reveal that little tidbit to his new would-be romantic acquaintances. If you predict that Finding Fatimah will go right down a familiar alley, you would be correct in that: Shahid (Danny Ashok) will fail to inform Fatimah (Asmara Gabrielle) — who is really awesome and whom he really likes right away, and she him — that he has been married before.Thus, I’m presenting these app reviews for someone who is looking for a serious relationship.As of now, I don’t really think there are any Muslim hookup apps and the idea of one seems like an oxymoron.Enter your basic information followed by what you're looking out for, and add your personal information as well as pictures.3.Check out 'Spark' feature of tinder dating app style to swipe right to like or swipe left to pass to connect with like – minded Muslim singles around you.4.

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Because of this, I put my focus on how these apps try to facilitate an actual marriage.