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For liquidating

Moreover, your business is at least solvent or near-solvent, so bankruptcy is not an option.

And even if you were near or at insolvency, you'd probably find it preferable to liquidate your assets and negotiate amounts owed to your creditors, while at the same time avoiding the stigma of bankruptcy.

In a compulsory liquidation the cost of issuing a winding up petition (roughly £1,490-£1,990) is covered by the creditor.Depending on the type of fund in which you invest, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) typically levies taxes on dividends, from earnings made by the fund, and capital gains when you sell your shares.When you liquidate your shares, you may also face higher taxes if the sale places your income in a higher tax bracket.Furthermore, the liquidator is appointed by the Court or the creditor.In a voluntary liquidation, these expenses, along with the cost of appointing an insolvency practitioner, are all covered by the directors.

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