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Her mother often attended religious revivals and believed herself a clairvoyant. Claflin, American King of Cancers." Victoria spent her childhood with this medicine show, often paired with her younger sister Tennessee in performing and telling fortunes.

Canning Woodhull also styled himself a physician, at a time when licensing requirements were non-existent or loose.David, however, had yet to achieve fame as a footballer for Manchester United. David said that although he wasn't into the Spice Girls, he was into Posh. Simon Fuller, the manager of the Spice Girls, engineered their first meeting because he thought David and Victoria might get on.7.The day David and Victoria met was the same day that Geri famously pinched Prince Charles's bum. The couple met in the Manchester United players' lounge after a charity football match.9. Apparently she likes putting her football boots on and playing with her brothers outside. However, Victoria has banned playing football inside the house. David and Victoria moved into "Beckingham Palace" in Herefordshire, a mansion which they bought for £2.5 million, when Brooklyn was 2 years old. One of its bathrooms was dedicated to Audrey Hepburn.46.“David comes to my shows and David is my business partner. We really support each other,” she smiled to #legend.The couple started dating in 2014 - on and off - but confirmed they were dating back in May 2016.

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Canning Woodhull, like Victoria's father, also sold patent medicines.

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