Dating a transgenders in prison

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Crying and inconsolable, she told Robert an inmate "took advantage" of her.

Robert is frustrated that no one is fighting for her. Yet Paula has been on hormones for almost eighteen months.

There was cheering and people banging on the windows." In the reception, other inmates initially assumed she was a member of staff: "When they'd seen me being checked in, they were just confused, and then they were cheering and making comments.

Because I've got quite a large bust, I couldn't hide away.

Because she hasn't had "bottom" surgery she is legally considered a man.

Mary maintains it was unnecessary and unfair for her to be put in male prisons.

“People must think if you go to a female prison, you’re going to rape women and you’re not — it doesn’t make any sense,” Mary said.

A transgender woman has spoken of the "hell on earth" she suffered after being raped and abused more than 2,000 times in an all-male prison.

The woman, known only by her pseudonym, Mary, was imprisoned for four years after stealing a car. “They are either trying to manipulate you or threaten you into some sort of sexual contact and then, once you perform the requested threat of sex, you are then an easy target as others want their share of sex with you, which is more like rape than consensual sex.

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A number of high-profile cases have thrown a spotlight on transgender women being sent to male prisons, with tragic results.

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