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Roku told Izuma that Kuzon had a lack of yang energy to his chi, while Sozin had a lack of yin.[Blind Gossip] You know by now that Fox News fired CEO Roger Ailes because he was sexually harassing female employees.When he discovered what Sozin planned to do, Kuzon freed several Air Nomads from their cells in the camp.He was promptly discovered by Sozin, and barely escaped the battle with his life.In his youth, he was also a good friend of Avatar Aang.Although he was appointed Commander of the first Fire Nation Armored Division by Sozin at age 18, and commanded these tanks during Sozin's assault on the Southern Air Temple, Kuzon could not tolerate his brother's plan to completely destroy the Air Nomad race.We hope that is ok, otherwise feel free to disable cookies in your browser.

Tantaros declined, saying that the money alone would not ensure a change in culture at Fox.

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Though he was once captured and brought back to the Fire Nation to face execution, he escaped with the help of his airbender compatriots Taro and Kunchen, and spent the rest of his life helping to stem the tide of Fire Nation onslaught.

brought him to Avatar Roku to have Kuzon's chi read and have the Avatar bless him.

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